Sunday, October 4, 2009


Happy Fall ~ Snow in close sight, furnace on at night. The white on the mountains is beautiful. Where are those warmer for Montana clothes? Socks, gloves, scarf & fleece vest at the bottom of that pile. In my living/driving space, things can't get too far but can take some time to uncover.~~~~~~~I have had two great 3-4 day get-a-ways. Wilderness Gate in Idaho, the trip there is always fantastic scenery and also a fun, pay attention, up and down mountains, lots of curves drive.~~~~ Thompson lake/Logan camp in Montana, a favorite place to stop and read a 1400 page book, watch chipmunks and see leaves falling by a serene lake.~~~~ Have finished the Diana Gabaldon series, six novels, each over 1000 pgs. ~~~~~~ My time at BigBrothers/BigSisters of Lake County and the Flathead Reservation is just about wrapped up. Two more weeks and I will be on my own again. ~~~~~~The stores at Etsy are not happening, a venture that seems to be an unrealistic project for many reasons and even more excuses. No present plans on what is next for this crafter to display her wares. ~~~~Will be on the way South by the end of this month, no planned trip route. More will be revealed.~~~Life continues to be interesting. Hope you are well and happy. Take care and be good to yourself.
I'm grateful. beej

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