Sunday, October 11, 2009


Have touched base with many friends by opening face book. Had no idea I would even hear from some of them again. Grateful that "Age doesn't matter unless you are a cheese." Luis Bunel ~~~~beej

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Brrrr~~~ if this is global warming, I don't want to see global cooling! This feels closer to Christmas rather than Halloween. I'm not finished...... ~ Snow piled 4 inches deep all over my Roadtrek, icicles and sheets of ice on anything that a little heat from the inside got outside.
O.K. ok you had the picture a while back, I know. Supposed to be colder tonight. %)
that is eyes/nose crooked smile. So back to work, three more days next week, then migration. It has been a grand summer. ~~Did three different workshops. Learned much about grant writing and believe it isn't for me. Participated in attorneys mock selection of jury for trial, fun. Stayed at the Big Arm on Flathead Lake a number of times. Went to Glacier. Kate came to visit, we stayed at Barb B's. Saw family and friends, was entertained, taught a bit of jewelry making, read some great books, watched a lot of movies DVD, paid the $$$$.oo rent on my storage, stayed with Sam dog, took some grand 3-4 day trips, came to realistic terms regarding the Etsy stores, major relief! and appreciate and enjoyed Julie's wonderful generosity . ~~~~~~~~Life is good.!. ~~~~~~~ beej
~~~~~~ joined Facebook this weekend.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Happy Fall ~ Snow in close sight, furnace on at night. The white on the mountains is beautiful. Where are those warmer for Montana clothes? Socks, gloves, scarf & fleece vest at the bottom of that pile. In my living/driving space, things can't get too far but can take some time to uncover.~~~~~~~I have had two great 3-4 day get-a-ways. Wilderness Gate in Idaho, the trip there is always fantastic scenery and also a fun, pay attention, up and down mountains, lots of curves drive.~~~~ Thompson lake/Logan camp in Montana, a favorite place to stop and read a 1400 page book, watch chipmunks and see leaves falling by a serene lake.~~~~ Have finished the Diana Gabaldon series, six novels, each over 1000 pgs. ~~~~~~ My time at BigBrothers/BigSisters of Lake County and the Flathead Reservation is just about wrapped up. Two more weeks and I will be on my own again. ~~~~~~The stores at Etsy are not happening, a venture that seems to be an unrealistic project for many reasons and even more excuses. No present plans on what is next for this crafter to display her wares. ~~~~Will be on the way South by the end of this month, no planned trip route. More will be revealed.~~~Life continues to be interesting. Hope you are well and happy. Take care and be good to yourself.
I'm grateful. beej

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


This has been an inspiring day. ~ Next week will be a special treat as I will be traveling to the east side of Montana for a 2 day workshop on grant writing. Of course a number of stop-overs going and coming! Many Glacier for an overnight or two is definitely on the list. I'm hopeing the bears will be out and about for sighting. ~~ The workshop will be held at Stone Child C. C. on Rocky Boys Res.. Saying that I am excited for this would be an understatement.
Hope you are enjoying a beautiful summer. beej

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Alive and Well

Greetings! Time flies. Stores are not forgotten.
Thanks for checking in. Are You a new visitor?
Please dig into the archives. Pictures of "One of a
kind"~ Wearable Art and Embellishment can be found
there. Comments are appreciated.
Thanks, beej
Life is precious, enjoyment is a gift. I am Grateful!
Alley Grazer is my host again this summer.
Big Horn Mtn Harmony is coming for a visit.
Yahoo! Lucky, lucky me for both. See their blog
addy's on the right>>>>>

Monday, March 16, 2009


Hi ~~~~~~~~ Dropping by to say Hello.
Will resume opening stores at a later date:
Have not given up on this adventure.
Wishing you and yours to be
Happy ~ Joyous and Free.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


A friend has a new blog. Encourage you to check it out. . I am grateful to have a number
of friends that are passionate about writing. They have a gift.
The truth and transparency that comes thru in their sharing by stringing
words together, amazes me. The gifts (disguised in words), they have
given me, are many. Be safe, be grateful, be loved. beej

Friday, December 26, 2008

Wishing everyone ~ Peace, Joy & Love.
Happy 2009 to You and Yours.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


More than a week later ~~~ Not forgotten,
however, procrastination has diminished the
positive approach. Thank you for staying
in touch. Will return soon. beej

~~~~~Wishing you Peace and Joy

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Back Again

Greetings and a belated, Happy Thanksgiving.
My generous spirit has given me permission to
postpone opening the virtual store until 2009. Many
reasons and even more excuses.
Feel free to ask here if there is anything that
you would like to order or question? All postings are
forwarded to my personal email. Comments are
forever invited. I will be posting again, hopefully
weekly at least.
Keep coming back. Big Sky Dreamer / aka beej