Wednesday, August 19, 2009


This has been an inspiring day. ~ Next week will be a special treat as I will be traveling to the east side of Montana for a 2 day workshop on grant writing. Of course a number of stop-overs going and coming! Many Glacier for an overnight or two is definitely on the list. I'm hopeing the bears will be out and about for sighting. ~~ The workshop will be held at Stone Child C. C. on Rocky Boys Res.. Saying that I am excited for this would be an understatement.
Hope you are enjoying a beautiful summer. beej


Kattay said...

Excellent news! look very forward to the stores. Hope you learned a lot at the workshop and good conversation with the Glacier bears!

Big Sky Dreamer said...

Thanks Kate Saw a family of bears X 2,mountain goats, fox,lots of birds,chip monks, squirlls, bats, coyotes, and lots of two leggeds.
Stone Child was interesting. beej

Big Sky Dreamer said...

~~~SQUIRRELS, little brown ones!