Saturday, October 10, 2009


Brrrr~~~ if this is global warming, I don't want to see global cooling! This feels closer to Christmas rather than Halloween. I'm not finished...... ~ Snow piled 4 inches deep all over my Roadtrek, icicles and sheets of ice on anything that a little heat from the inside got outside.
O.K. ok you had the picture a while back, I know. Supposed to be colder tonight. %)
that is eyes/nose crooked smile. So back to work, three more days next week, then migration. It has been a grand summer. ~~Did three different workshops. Learned much about grant writing and believe it isn't for me. Participated in attorneys mock selection of jury for trial, fun. Stayed at the Big Arm on Flathead Lake a number of times. Went to Glacier. Kate came to visit, we stayed at Barb B's. Saw family and friends, was entertained, taught a bit of jewelry making, read some great books, watched a lot of movies DVD, paid the $$$$.oo rent on my storage, stayed with Sam dog, took some grand 3-4 day trips, came to realistic terms regarding the Etsy stores, major relief! and appreciate and enjoyed Julie's wonderful generosity . ~~~~~~~~Life is good.!. ~~~~~~~ beej
~~~~~~ joined Facebook this weekend.

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