Saturday, October 18, 2008


Truth ~not all who wander are lost.

If you haven't seen the jewelry,
dig into the September Archives here.


Anonymous said...

I'm still checking on you. We'll be heading South soon. Hopefully will see you this winter in the wonderland. You're Wearable Art adn Embellishments are special and with them you should go far.


Big Sky Dreamer said...

Thanks Linda. Safe travels. See you in the South. Bead on. beej

dlrhodes said...

I opened a Blog account but really can't do much more untill I get a camera so I can post pictures. That may be a while.


Big Sky Dreamer said...

Good for you! I encourage you to
go for it anyway. Nice way for
friends like me to keep up with you
and D. Lots of pictures from the web
until you get your own.