Thursday, September 11, 2008


Counsel woven into the
of life is wisdom.
W. Benjamin
When giving a hand made gift ~
The gift is being given at least 3 times.
To the one receiving it, supporting the artist that made it, and the one giving it.
Love is an art, sketched & painted atop a canvas of mutual respect. Such a foundation allows only for the occasional brush stroke to cover a mixed message or misunderstanding. Anon
Many beaded bracelet. Milefeorie chips, beads of black glass, silver, and assorted vintage seed beads, Laugh charm, silver toggle clasp and a security chain. Approx 7.5 inches closed. Click on photo to see detail.


Anonymous said...

please let me know if this bracelet is still available for sale, I love it, thank you

Big Sky Dreamer said...

Thank You Rebecca, The Difference A Year Makes. The bracelet is available and is waiting to be named by it's wearer. It makes my heart sing to hear lovely statements about my creations.
You will find a comment regarding this on your blog. Also I can be convo'd at my store on Etsy. ~~~~~beej